Collection: LoVe Collection©

Over a year ago, I found myself lost in the flow of sketching abstract and organic shapes. As if guided by intuition, the word LOVE emerged in mesmerizing designs. I was captivated by one of them & instantly envisioned it as a necklace!

From that initial spark, a cascade of design ideas followed -  earrings, bracelets, and rings. Each born from the essence of that original LOVE sketch. This collection honors the power of the word LOVE. LOVE - an energetic healing balm that I feel that our world truly needs.

I like to think that my latest LoVe collection serves as a talisman. A gentle reminder to stay rooted in love, and to honor the whispers of our hearts.

While refining my new LoVe© collection, I have decided that I will introduce new designs every few months, each featuring the word LOVE in a different language. This journey begins with the Amor piece, currently in production.

Grateful for this journey, I humbly hope my collections radiate some love & light into this world. ❤️
LoVe Collection©

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